Web Development Services

Web Development Services, such as web site creation, e-commerce  development, web-based service applications (such as timesheets, expense  reports, etc), and mentoring for your development staff.  We can help  you create web portals for your travel office, as well as help integrate  your existing web applications with online booking tools to improve the  users' experience, and improve cost savings.

Key Benefits

  • Quality people (Microsoft Certified Professionals, Microsoft  Certified Database Administrators, Microsoft Certified Solution  Developers, Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building, and Java   SE/Java EE Certified Programmers on staff)
  • Have experience in enterprise software development (best practices and processes)
  • Mentoring for in-house development staff

Application Development Services/Technology Integration Services

Application Development Services, whether around Microsoft's  Windows technologies, or using Java/Oracle technologies.  We have  shrink-wrapped applications that can be purchased, or customized, as  well as custom development services.  These applications can be used to  automate, monitor, or report on the travel management program.

Another key service we provide is technology integration  services.  As travel technology matures, an important part of the  maturation is to allow systems to work together to perform tasks.  We  can help define, create, test and implement these solutions to improve  the overall efficiency of the travel systems.

Key Benefits

  • Platform-neutral development (expertise in both Microsoft .Net, as well as Java/Oracle development)
  • Windows desktop applications can easily be built to meet Windows Logo Certified standards

Network Administration Services

Network Administration Services, including security  administration and monitoring, user account creation and permission  assignments, network usage monitoring, email, database administration,  firewall configuration, and mentoring for network maintenance staff.  T4  Software personnel can help support the server platforms that enable  the travel office to provide outstanding service to their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Quality People (Microsoft Certified Professionals, Microsoft  Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Certified Database Administrators  on staff)
  • Have experience in enterprise network environments (50,000+ desktops)
  • Mentoring for internal network administration staff

Consulting/On-Site Services

Clients that want full time, part time, or occasional help with  their travel programs can have a T4 Software consultant on-site to help  find solutions to their problems.  T4 Software transcends the typical  consulting roles to help implement solutions, not just observe and write  up recommendations.

We can help recommend and implement the following travel solutions:

  • Online booking
  • Meeting planning and consolidation tools
  • Hotel RFP systems
  • Travel agency selection
  • Travel Expense Report systems
  • Mobile solutions

We also have automated tools that we bring with us to help rank  and evaluate the available tools according to your needs, and contacts  throughout the travel industry that can help get the project started  quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Quality People (people experienced in travel management/technology, certified in Microsoft and Java technologies)
  • Tools available to speed process/technology improvement efforts