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Who we are

The internet marks a fundamental shift in the history of  computing. However, software projects continue to run over budget, get  delayed or cancelled, and to provide only marginal value to their  corporations. This is particularly true of technology in the travel industry. While there is an abundance of technology, it seldom works  with other systems in the corporation, despite the claims of the salespeople. In addition, deciding which solutions are the best fit, and then implementing the solutions in an enterprise environment is a herculean task.

We provide software, as well as consulting services that can help travel managers meet their objectives.  Technology can provide a great source for efficiency gains and cost reduction in the travel industry,  but travel technology is a particularly complex and fractured area.  Travel managers need to implement online booking tools, meeting and conference planning tools, expense report solutions, and web sites for  their operations, meanwhile integrating all of these tools as well as saving money for their companies.  T4 Software's employees provide their clients with lessons gained from enterprise-level clients, and have deep technical backgrounds.  This combination of skills is augmented by a  set of tools that are carried with our employees to their jobs, so they  start adding value right away.  In addition, these tools can be purchased without any consulting services, allowing clients to purchase  the mix of services and products that best meet their goals.

Our Mission

T4 Software's mission is to help Travel Managers improve their businesses, and to provide products and services that help businesses realize measurable business benefits.