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my net worth

This application helps keep track of a user's net worth.

my net worth cloud

This is a iCloud-based version of the My Net Worth application that runs on Apple devices, including iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and tvOS.  A macOS version is also under development.


One application that I've wanted to build is one that  geocodes locations for me.  It's funny how often in the travel business  we care about geocoding.  What's not so funny about it is that it isn't always easy to get an accurate latitude and longitude.  

The application is now available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and in the Windows Store.

company preferred hotels

This app helps users manage their preferred hotel program and review Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

throw that box away!

Just a simple app to save freezer space by taking pictures of the boxes.  It runs on iOS, and uses Core Data, a collection view and the phone camera.

hines drive status

Another simple iOS app that helps users know whether a specific road in Southeast Michigan is open.  It uses the Twitter SDK and OAuth.

Cheer box

A simple iOS app that incorporates Core Data and a shake gesture to allow Cub Scout packs to randomly select cheers for their meetings.


A simple iOS app that allows users to keep track of the good things that they do for others.  It uses Microsoft Azure Mobile App Services, SQL Azure Database, Facebook SDK integration for login, and Apple Maps.

accordion folio

A simple iOS app that helps users keep track of receipts and things in "folders".  The app uses Core Data, a collection view, and the camera.