Company Preferred Hotels

One of the applications that I've wanted for a while now is an application that allows users to plot their company locations on a map along with the hotels that hope to become preferred properties. 

While it might seem self-evident that looking at a map to help you choose your preferred hotels is a good idea, in practice it hasn't been that easy to do.  Back in the last decade, I'd actually create maps and drag the map into another application in order to create the pushpins, then print the maps.  Even then, I could only do this for the most important locations.  I've always dreaded the call or email that starts with "Don't you guys look at a map before you pick these hotels!?"

Now that the iPhone and iPad are available, and have such great mapping features, I thought I'd do something about this.  The application is pretty simple.  You enter in your company locations, enter in the addresses of the hotels vying for your business, and then view a map on your screen that shows you both sets in relation to each other.  By clicking on each pushpin, you can see some identifying information to help you with your review.

The application is now available in the App Store.  Please email me at with ideas for improvements and your feedback. Thanks!


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